During the second wave of the emerging Miami music scene, while bands like One Direction were topping the pop charts nationally, E-Rock Proper was sweating it out in local clubs playing guitar for various hardcore bands. Eventually, the scene fizzled out and he decided to finally channel his own voice and push his musical abilities to the limit.  

Trecking back and forth between his birthplace of NYC and Los Angeles, he began to take on various projects to lend his talents to. Mostly co-writing, producing, and performing live with various bands in the area, while sharpening his skills in the studio. 

His contributions from one of his former bands began to recieve praise from his contemporaries, with members of the bands Papa Roach, Filter, Depswa, Sevendust, and Deftones giving him positive feedback on their unreleased album.   

Eventually, one of those tracks from the unreleased record was picked up by multi-platinum recording artist Alex Band of the Calling. Following up with that accomplishment, he co-wrote additional tracks with Alex. With his trusted supporters and die hard fans consistently telling him that they preferred his own version of those songs instead, he finally decided to venture out on his own.   

The task would not be easy. In the past, he had worked with many talented musicians in various bands of different genres, but this time he decided he needed to do it all on his own. Performing all instrumentation, vocals, mixing, and mastering the record himself. The result is an uncompromising and fearless venture that pushes the limits of modern pop music to it's breaking point.

With elements of post rock, alternative, trance and electro pop, his unique voice and style of melodic linguistics have finally reached a quality level that he can be satisfied with. The result is a relentless, hard pounding, and sometimes vulnerable journey into a musical landscape that takes the listener on a roller coaster ride to a destination they never expected.   

With the full-length album finally completed, look forward to hearing a lot more in the years to come from Satico Satellite.